Andrew VanDemark, Ph.D.

  • Associate Professor
  • Department of Biological Sciences

Education & Training

  • Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2001
  • B.S. in Biochemistry from Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI, 1995

Research Interest Summary

The VanDemark lab explores structure/function relationships in macromolecular complexes using x-ray crystallography and computational tools.

Research Categories

Research Interests

The function of macromolecules is dictated by their three-dimensional fold. Our research program integrates structural, biochemical, and computational approaches, with x-ray crystallography as the primary tool, to examine protein function and mechanism in a variety of experimental systems including eukaryotic transcription, DNA repair and recombination, the regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics, and protein quality control.

Representative Publications

Mohan, S., Das, D., Bauer, R.J., Zalewski, J.W., Heber, S., Dosunmu-Ogunbi, A.M., Heroux, A., Trakselis, M.A., Hildebrand, J.D., and VanDemark, A.P. (2013) Structure of a highly conserved domain of Rock1 required for Shroom-mediated regulation of cell morphology, PLoS One. PMID:24349032

Singh, S., Plaks, J., Homa, N.J., Amrich, C.G., Heroux, A., Hatfull, G.F., and VanDemark, A.P. (2013) The Structure of Xis reveals the basis for Filament Formation and insight into DNA bending within a mycobacteriophage Intasome. Journal of Molecular Biology, ePub Oct7 PMID:24112940

Wier, A., Mayekar, M.K., Heroux, A., Arndt, K.M., and VanDemark, A.P. (2013) The structural basis for Spt5-mediated recruitment of the Paf1 complex to chromatin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 110, 17290-17295. 

Godin, S., Wier, A., Kabbinavar, F., Bratton-Palmer, D.S., Ghodke, H., Van Houten, B., VanDemark, A.P., and Bernstein, K.A. (2013). The Shu complex interacts with Rad51 through the Rad51 paralogues Rad55-Rad57 to mediate error-free recombination. Nucleic Acids Research 41, 4525-4534.

Mohan, S., Rizaldy, R., Das, D., Bauer, R.J., Heroux, A., Trakselis, M.A., Hildebrand, J.D., and VanDemark, A.P. (2012). Structure of Shroom domain 2 reveals a three-segmented coiled-coil required for dimerization, Rock binding, and apical constriction. Molecular Biology of the Cell 23, 2131-2142.

Amrich, C.G., Davis, C.P., Rogal, W.P., Shirra, M.K., Heroux, A., Gardner, R.G., Arndt, K.M., and VanDemark, A.P. (2012). Cdc73 subunit of Paf1 complex contains C-terminal Ras-like domain that promotes association of Paf1 complex with chromatin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 287, 10863-10875.

VanDemark, A.P., Kasten, M.M., Ferris, E., Heroux, A., Hill, C.P., and Cairns, B.R. (2007). Autoregulation of the rsc4 tandem bromodomain by gcn5 acetylation. Molecular Cell 27, 817-828.

VanDemark, A.P., Blanksma, M., Ferris, E., Heroux, A., Hill, C.P., and Formosa, T. (2006). The structure of the yFACT Pob3-M domain, its interaction with the DNA replication factor RPA, and a potential role in nucleosome deposition. Molecular Cell 22, 363-374.

Macbeth, M.R., Schubert, H.L., VanDemark, A.P., Lingam, A.T., Hill, C.P., and Bass, B.L. (2005). Inositol hexakisphosphate is bound in the ADAR2 core and required for RNA editing. Science 309, 1534-1539.

VanDemark, A.P., Hofmann, R.M., Tsui, C., Pickart, C.M., and Wolberger, C. (2001). Molecular insights into polyubiquitin chain assembly: crystal structure of the Mms2/Ubc13 heterodimer. Cell 105, 711-720.

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