Andrew Clugston

  • 6th Year Graduate Student

Dissertation Research

Mammalian congenital kidney diseases (CKDs) are observed in a variety of phenotypes with changes that affect the complex developmental program of the nephron. Rather than focusing on one mutation or developmental change in particular, I am attempting to understand and characterize the developmental program as a whole by observing epigenetic changes to the genome which may reveal the logic inherent to the process and thus help us identify the larger cause for specific CKD-linked changes.

Dissertation Mentor

Drs. Jacqueline Ho and Dennis Kostka

Education & Training

  • M.S. in Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, 2010
  • B.S. in Biochemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, 2008

Representative Publications

Soehnlen, M.; Crimmins,S., Clugston, A., Gomez, C., Cross, M., Statham, C. High-throughput vector-borne disease environmental surveillance by polymerase chain reaction according to international accreditation requirements. US Army Med. Dep J. 2014 Jul-Sep: 21-6.